Muriel Rochat Rienth

Recorder player / Direction baroque ensemble "La Tempesta Basel"

                    Muriel Rochat Rienth - 1/2018, Basle (Switzerland)             Photo: Felix Rienth, Basel    


"...Rochat Rienth sounds her impressive best in music..."



"...wonderful played by Muriel Rochat Rienth..."

"Music frames" (Holland)



 Telemann: Tenor Cantatas & Recorder Sonatas   

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Händel: Recorder Sonata in b-flat major, 3rd movement
Muriel Rochat Rienth, recorder - Andrés Alberto Gómez, harpsichord (from CD VANITAS)







Telemann's "12 Fantasias" for recorder on CD with Muriel Rochat Rienth... 


Muriel Rochat Rienth, recorder


" amazing collection..."

".. performed by the great Swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth..."

Magazin "Music Frames" (Amsterdam), August 2018


"...and swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth, who, after her remarkable discographic successes with Haendel (on Vanitas), Telemann (Enchiriadis) and Pepusch (Enchiriadis) is facing again a new challenge including such most difficult pieces, with more tan satisfying results.."

Magazine "RITMO", Madrid (Spain), march 2018



"Rochat Rienth’s performances suggest that she appreciates the “fantasy” in fantasias. Her playing is quite free. She embellishes liberally, and she is flexible with tempos. Sometimes, when she is playing a long passage in 16th notes, she goes faster and faster, as if she were a boulder rolling down a hill. In other words, she is an inventive, fanciful player, and not at all tied to the letter of the score."


"In his review of Rochat Rienth’s Handel disc (Fanfare 40:1), Joshua Cohen was quite positive, and called the freedom of her playing “stimulating and sometimes daring.” Cohen’s comments might be even more appropriate here, without another musician at Rochat Rienth’s side. That said, I like this disc.."

Magazine "FANFARE" (USA), September 2018



 "Swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth is a remarkable musician who excelled on her album ‘The Complete Recorder Sonatas‘ by G.F. Händel"

"...this year her album of " 12 fantasias" was released. An amazing collection on which she can be heard solo on recorder."

"Anyone who suspects that recorder solo would be monotonous or boring, should listen to these ’12 fantasies’ of Telemann, performed by the great Swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth."

Magazine "Music Frames" (Amsterdam), august 2018



      CD to be published december 2017 on VANITAS,  

worldwide distributed by

       NEW ARTS INTERNATIONAL, Holland    






Muriel Rochat Rienth is presenting end of 2017 her recording of Telemann's "Fantasias" for treble recorder solo. After her Händel-CD this is the second release for VANITAS RECORDS. Muriel's husband, tenor Felix Rienth, was the artistic supervisor of the CD, recorded by Pascual Lorenzo for VANITAS RECORDS.


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...AND A NEW CD-RECORDING in OCTOBER 2017: Muriel Rochat Rienth presenting LA TEMPESTA BASEL and tenor Felix Rienth on VANITAS RECORDS:


Muriel Rochat Rienth's next CD recording for VANITAS RECORDS includes an italian baroque programme, by Scarlatti, Sarro etc, featuring her own baroque ensemble LA TEMPESTA BASEL with swiss tenor Felix Rienth. LA TEMPESTA BASEL already realized two international highly acclaimed CDs on ENCHIRIADIS / NAXOS. This present recording is the Basle ensemble's debut with VANITAS RECORDS and will be held in october 2017 near Albacete (Spain).





Born in Basle (Switzerland), swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth, coming from an artistic family (her great-grandfather was the swiss renowned painter Rodolphe Théophile Bosshard), finished her studies at the famous Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (solo diploma) with Michel Piguet. She plays regularly the important recorder concertos by Vivaldi, Sammartini, Telemann with different swiss orchestras and is the director of her own baroque ensemble, La Tempesta Basel, awarded with the swiss ORPHEUS-prize. Recent concerts include performances at Zurich Tonhalle, Concerts de Saint Germain Geneva, ADMA Fribourg, Basle, Festival Sacré de Sion, Société philharmonique de Bienne, Porrentruy, Lausanne and also in Italy (Festival Magnano/Piemont), Belgium, Spain and Austria (Baroque Concerts Graz). She is also active in contemporary recorder music: austrian composer Viktor Fortin wrote and dedicated her a Cantata, premiered by La Tempesta Basel in Lausanne and recorded by Radio Suisse Romande.

Muriel Rochat Rienth produced with La Tempesta Basel two CDs for spanish label Enchiriadis, both highly acclaimed by the international music press: in 2009 the Tenor Cantatas and Recorder Sonatas by J.C. Pepusch and, in 2014, the Tenor Cantatas and Recorder Sonatas by Telemann with her husband, tenor Felix Rienth, elected among the “10 best CDs of the month” by spanish magazine RITMO and described as an "excellent disc" by FANFARE (USA). German magazine "Klassik Heute" comparred Rochat Rienth's playing with the world-famous recorder player Michala Petri. Muriel Rochat Rienths CDs were broadcasted at different radio stations, such as Swiss Radio SRF 2, Radio Suisse Romande, Radio KLARA Brussels (Belgium), Concertzender Hilversum (Holland), Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Radio Bremen, NDR Hamburg, Radio SWR Stuttgart, Radio Nacional de España or Radio CKRL (Québec-City) of Canada and ABC Classics (Australia).

In 2015 Muriel Rochat Rienth is presenting her recording of Händel's Complete Recorder Sonatas with the outstanding harpsichord player Andrés Alberto Gómez, published by spanish label VANITAS, again elected among the "10 best CDs of the month" by magazine RITMO, the most important award of spanish magazine. Spanish National Radio RNE invited her to the official CD-presentation to Madrid. Her Händel-CD was also enthusiastically reviewed by different spanish, german, dutch, italian, swiss and US magazines (FANFARE). Next recordings for VANITAS RECORDS include Telemann’s “12 fantasias” for recorder solo, to be published in 2017 and Recorder Concertos by Telemann and Vivaldi. With her baroque ensemble LA TEMPESTA BASEL and swiss tenor Felix Rienth she realized in 2017 an italian baroque programme for VANITAS. For swiss label VDE-GALLO will be published a CD with music of austrian composer Viktor Fortin.

Muriel Rochat Rienth teaches the recorder at the Conservatoire de Fribourg (Switzerland) and lives in Basle. She plays exclusively recorder instruments, made by swiss Ernst Meyer (   2016).

Muriel Rochat Rienth and her husband, tenor Felix Rienth





        Muriel Rochat Rienth's Händel-CD elected among the                     

"10 best CDs of the month"      

   of spanish magazine "RITMO" !!!      

December 2015      


Muriel Rochat Rienth´s CD of Händel´s Complete Recorder Sonatas was elected in december 2015 among the "10 best CDs of the month" by leading spanish music magazine RITMO. It´s already the second time swiss recorder player Rochat Rienth is awarded this prize, after her Telemann-recording with LA TEMPESTA BASEL and tenor Felix Rienth in 2014 

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Muriel Rochat Rienth, Blankenberge (Belgium), 7/2018



Händel´s Complete Recorder Sonatas

                                   Available october 2015:                                         

Händel: The Complete Recorder Sonatas

Muriel Rochat Rienth, recorder

                         Andrés Alberto Gómez, harpsichord                    


      CD published october 2015 on VANITAS,  

worldwide distributed by

                        NEW ARTS INTERNATIONAL, Holland                      


Muriel Rochat Rienth at Albacete Baroque Festival, april 2016




...and the reviews of the Händel-CD from Spain, Holland, Italy -and from the USA:


"What Rochat Rienth and Gómez bring to the playing field seems to be a conception of the sonatas as duets for virtuoso players, with vast opportunities for elaboration, improvisation, and instrumental bravura."

"...Rochat Rienth sounds her impressive best in music, that calls for vivacity (...), humor (...) or dazzling, headlong speed."

"Ultimately it will depend on whether your tastes run to the more relaxed, thoughtful, and arguably more conservative artistry heard on Teldec (Frans Brüggen) or Harmonia Mundi, (Marion Verbrüggen) or to the stimulating and sometimes daring freedom on display here."

"In any case, these wonderful sonatas belong in the collection of lover of baroque music, and it is good to have them all together on a single disc: freshly studied and played with fantasy and spirit." 

Magazine "FANFARE" (New York /USA), september 2016



"Themes and variations are written down in the score but varied and beautifully played by Muriel Rochat Rienth with ornaments, like the flattement; ‘bending’ of the tone, very popular in the French Rococo."


" On ‘The Complete Recorder Sonatas’ we hear Handel in a fragile, gentle and majestic way, wonderful played by Muriel Rochat Rienth and Andrés Alberto Gómez covering the full range with two instruments; fine and intense but also magnificent and as wide as a full orchestra..."

Music Frames (Holland), september 2016

 Link to "Music Frames, click here !


Muriel Rochat Rienth, Basel, january 2018   



"A simply superb interpretation"

" ...and in this case, the results are simply spectacular..."

"... and here is appearing Muriel Rochat Rienth, with a very solid technique and an extraordinary clear tone, she is able to take out of her three recorders a round, brillant sound of an extreme beauty, with an incredible delicacy and elegance, an infinite musicality- just a simply superb interpretation, making us dreaming..."

" I can´t remember how many times i was listening to this wunderful CD of spanish label VANITAS: but now this recording became my personal favourite of Händel´s  Recorder Sonatas..."

Magazine "El Arte de la Fuga" (Madrid), october 2015



"A present for the ears"

"Muriel Rochat Rienth, a great performer who hypnotizes with a clean and fresh sound, lovely, shiny, very expressive, a pure delight and astonishing technical perfection.”

"I was listening to other Händel-recordings, and, if I had to choose one for the famous "desert island", I would take this CD, without any doubts."

" Tribuna de Albacete" (Spain), september 2015



"...very laudable the interpretation of swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth, who has, besides a great musicality and stylish knowledge, an extraordinary soft sound, with a velvet and homogeneous tone..."

Elected among the "10 best CDs of the month"

"Reference Recording" & "CD recordings for history"

.Magazine RITMO (Madrid / Spain), december 2015


"The sound of swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth dazzles the audience with an extreme beauty, paired to an incredible refined musicality…"

"… there are a lot of different recordings of Händel´s Recorder Sonatas but none of them with such an excellency like Muriel Rochat Rienth´s  and Andrés Alberto Gómez´ version..."

Magazine SCHERZO (Madrid / Spain), december 2015



„Overall I am happy with this recording. Both artists play very well: Ms Rochat Rienth produces a beautiful sound and Gómez is her congenial partner at the harpsichord."

 "However, no lover of recorder music should hesitate to add this disc to his collection.“

Magazine "musica dei donum" (Utrecht / Netherlands), april 2016

 Link to "Musica dei donum", click here



"And, last but not least, there is recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth, remarkable because of her maestria. For this recording she is using three different instruments and is showing that a research for a good sound is not at all playing a secondary role.."

"Overall, we have here a really beautiful complete recording of Handel's "Recorder Sonatas" to admire once more the composer's genious.."

***** 5 stars , maximum evaluation

Magazine "CD Classica" (Milan / Italy), may 2016





Muriel Rochat Rienth, Basel, august 2018 




          Further CDs of Muriel Rochat Rienth on ENCHIRIADIS, worldwide distributed by NAXOS: 

                                    Telemann: Tenor Cantatas & Recorder Sonatas                                            

     Felix Rienth, tenor - La Tempesta Basel - Muriel Rochat Rienth, recorder & direction



 Link to NAXOS of America, News February 2014

Link to ENCHIRIADIS-Label, click here !


  Listen to the Telemann-CD, click  here !

 Listen to the Pepusch-CD, click here !

Link to youtube, click here !

 Read here an article of spanish "Seville Newspaper" ("Diario de Sevilla") with tenor Felix Rienth and Muriel Rochat Rienth (in spanish language) :


Muriel Rochat Rienth in front of her concert poster, Basel, april 2018





NEWS: Muriel Rochat Rienth's Telemann-CD elected among the

"10 best CDs of the month"

   of spanish magazine "RITMO" (2014)

  Listen to the Telemann-CD, click  here !

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Muriel Rochat Rienth in concert with Leimental Chamber Orchestra in Germany, 3/2016





Muriel Rochat Rienth included in spanish music book

Swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth was included in spanish music book "Y tú, qué escuchas?" ("And you, which music do you listen?") which contents a list of favourite recordings of the most distinguished musicians worldwide, such as Abbado, Pavarotti or Zimerman, featuring also Muriel Rochat Rienth in this list. The book is published may 2017 by Huygens , Barcelona, with more than 700 pages.

Link to the editor, click here !


Muriel Rochat Rienth with her husband, tenor Felix Rienth, Madrid, july 2018



Muriel Rochat Rienth invited as "Special Guest" to the International Early Music Fair & Meeting "FEIMA 2016" in Murcia (Spain)

Muriel Rochat Rienth has been invited by her official label VANITAS to the first edition of "FEIMA 2016", the International Early Music Fair & Meeting in the spanish city of Murcia, presenting her new CD-recording of Telemann's "Fantasias" for solo recorder, including a live performance. The swiss recorder player was also interviewed about her succesful CD-production of Händel's "Recorder Sonatas", highly regarded by the international press. 



Swiss recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth featuring at spanish Albacete Baroque Music Festival 2016  


 After her successful recording of Händel's Recorder Sonatas, Muriel Rochat Rienth presented her version at spanish Albacete Baroque Festival, with harpsichord player Andrés Alberto Gómez. Her concert was enthusiastically acclaimed by spanish audience, and Muriel gave several "encores", including van Eyck's "Bravade", played on the smallest current flute, the "Garklein"-flute.

Swiss recorder player Rochat Rienth was also taking part at official closing concert at Albacete's "Teatro Circo" with baroque ensemble LA REVERENCIA.


Articles from  "Tribuna de Albacete", april 2016



Official presentation of Händel´s COMPLETE RECORDER SONATAS by Muriel Rochat Rienth in Madrid and at Spanish National Radio RNE, october 2015

Muriel Rochat Rienth´s latest CD with Händel´s Complete Recorder Sonatas has been presented at Madrid Music Store "Quinta de Mahler", the leading cultural location in spanish capital, where different distinguished musicians were invited, such as Jordi Savall, Ivor Bolton or Sol Gabetta. Muriel Rochat Rienth performed a recital, includig solo pieces by Telemann and Heberle. Spanish journalist Eduardo Torrico introduced the swiss recorder player to the Madrid audience in a small talk-show. 


 Click here for more information to Madrid store "Quinta de Mahler" !

Spanish National Radio "Radio Nacional de España" invited Muriel Rochat Rienth as an interview guest, to show her new CD and talking about new projects.


Swiss virtuoso recorder player Muriel Rochat Rienth at Spanish National Radio Studios in Madrid, with harpsichord player Andrés Alberto Gómez, husband, tenor Felix Rienth and talk master Jesús Trujillo

 Read here an interview with Muriel Rochat Rienth and spanish journalist Eduardo Torrico from the magazine "El arte de la fuga" (in spanish language)

 Listen here to the Radio-interview from Spanish National Radio with Jesús Trujillo, Muriel Rochat Rienth, Andrés Alberto Gómez and Felix Rienth (in spanish language)



Spanish newspaper "DIARIO DE SEVILLA" published article about Muriel Rochat Rienth


Spanish newspaper DIARIO DE SEVILLA published november 2015 an extensive interview with Muriel Rochat Rienth, about her new recording of Händel´s Recorder Sonatas. The article was also integrated in further spanish newspapers, such as in Málaga, Córdoba, Almería, Málaga, Granada, Jerez or Gibraltar.

 To read the whole article on pdf, click here ! (in spanish language)



CD- reviews Telemann/Pepusch:

Telemann: Tenor Cantatas & Recorder Sonatas


"Muriel Rochat Rienth’s recorder playing is lively, skillful and accurate. I am pleased with the way she phrases the music in the sonatas...."

"...certainly worthy of obtaining if you want an excellent performance of representative works."

"FANFARE Magazine" (New York, USA), august 2014,  Telemann-CD

 Read the complete review from FANFARE, click here!



"The La Tempesta ensemble from Basel is led by recorder player Muriel Rienth, who performs with clarity and a good sense of phrasing. She blends with the voice, her husband Felix Rienth, so that the two form an inseparable duo."

"This is one fine disc..."

"FANFARE Magazine" (USA), august 2014, Pepusch-CD


Muriel Rochat Rienth, Vienna, july 2017


"Muriel Rochat Rienth, the director of the group, sets the scene with her stylish obbligato recorder playing. She is also the soloist in three attractive sonatas for recorder and continuo." 

"This is altogether a most enjoyable recording."

"Early Music Review" (England), february  2009, Pepusch-CD



"...elegant, brilliant, virtuoso..."

"... great..."

"Rundfunk Berlin- Brandenburg" , Pepusch-CD







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