Muriel Rochat Rienth, july 2017, Budapest (Hungary)                   Photo: Felix Rienth


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Muriel Rochat Rienth, Basel, january 2017





Telemann: "Concerto a tre", Finale

Muriel Rochat Rienth, recorder 

La Tempesta Basel:

Thomas Müller, natural horn

Yves Bertin, bassoon

Norberto Broggini, organ

(from CD Enchiriadis EN 2038)




Muriel Rochat Rienth, may & september 2016, Basel   




CD-LABELS publishing Muriel Rochat Rienth's recordings:  

           Telemann: Tenor Cantatas & Recorder Sonatas            


Enchiriadis- Madrid 

CD-Label aus Madrid: hier sind die Telemann- und Pepusch-CD erschienen

CD-label from Madrid, publishing Telemann- and Pepusch CD



VANITAS - Albacete

Hier sind 2015 die Händel-Blockflötensonaten erschienen und 2017 die Telemann-Fantasien

To be published Händel's Recorder Sonatas in 2015 and in 2017 Telemann's "Fantasias"



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To order Telemann- and Pepusch-CD with Muriel Rochat Rienth (at JPC, Germany) , click here !

To order new CD of Händel's Recorder Sonatas by Muriel Rochat Rienth (JPC Germany), click here !


                                    Muriel Rochat Rienth and Leimental Chamber Orchestra                       Photo : Felix Rienth




Muriel Rochat Rienth, summer 2017



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Muriel Rochat Rienth, Christmas Eve 2017, Basel


Muriel Rochat Rienth, Lugano, april 2018




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Webseite des Barockensemble La Tempesta Basel, geleitet von Muriel Rochat Rienth

Homepage of "La Tempesta Basel" baroque ensemble, directed by Muriel Rochat Rienth 

Homepage de l'ensemble baroque La Tempesta Basel, dirigé par Muriel Rochat Rienth





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Homepage of Felix Rienth, tenor

Homepage du ténor Felix Rienth






Muriel Rochat Rienth, Basel and Vienna, summer 2017





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Muriel Rochat Rienth 

 plays exclusively recorder instruments


 Ernst Meyer

1954 - 2016

Dear Ernst, in loving memory

R. I. P.


...but our great adventure will be continued...

 Muriel Rochat Rienth with Ernst's son, Joel Meyer, from "meyerrecorders", august 2017




Muriel Rochat Rienth in front of her concert poster, Basel, april 2018



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